The Brief
Imagine your favorite book was being made into a movie and create a title sequence for it. Choose the actors and crew for your video.
Book Synopsis
This novel is centered around Rebecca Brown who is abruptly sent to live with her (not) aunt in New Orleans in the middle of the school year by her father who is stuck doing business in China. While in New Orleans, when she is not attending a prestigious prep school where the family you were born into determines your social hierarchy, she explores the local cemetery.. Going against her aunt's number one rule. There, she meets Lisette, a young black girl who died in 1853. Rebecca is the only person who can see Lisette...That is until Helena Bowman sees her as well. Why only two girls, both about to turn 17, can see this ghost girl, lies within a dark secret kept between New Orleans' longest standing wealthiest families. 
I want to get live footage while walking through a cemetery (Bonaventure Cemetery). After editing the footage in Premiere ideally I would track text within the video. I will attempt using Cinema 4D for text and creating the same Ruined gate on the cover that will be positioned at the end.
Deciding the Cast and Crew 
Lilly Collins as Helena Bowman
Lilly Collins as Helena Bowman
Vanessa Marano as Rebecca Brown
Vanessa Marano as Rebecca Brown
Uzo Aduba as Aunt Claudia
Uzo Aduba as Aunt Claudia
Marsai Martin as Lisette
Marsai Martin as Lisette
Director - Niki Caro 
Writer - Nick Jones 
Producer - Jenji Kohan & Marsai Martin 
Distributor - Netflix
Type Study 
 Save my Soul - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

C4D Test
The intent for this was to have the text appear in frame like a ghost, matching the marble and stone of the graves with the added mardi gras extravagance of gold accents and then decay with a ghostly glow before disappearing. 
I wanted to play around with C4D but after seeing how long it would take me and the scope of the rest of the project I decided to nix the idea. 

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