The Brief 
Create a 30 second title sequence for a tv show or Concert/ festival and 2 gifs. The title sequence should be at least 30 seconds and the gifs should be 3 seconds each. 

Raising Dion Centers around a recently widowed mom and an 8 year old boy who develops superpowers (telekenesis, teleportation, invisibility and healing). The main plot of this show focuses on finding answers to the questions that surround Dion's powers: Flashbacks provide the majority of the background on the characters- How Dion got his powers and they also show the bad energy he will eventually have to face.

Inspired by digital paintings and illustrative title sequences, this title sequence will use a mix of digital painting style, and compositing, the goal is to push the idea of the comic book. Movement will be pushed further with the use of the camera tool. 
To avoid revealing any spoilers, the overall sequence will focus on the power Dion possesses with the help of music, to create the build up of 'Awe' and 'amazement' while including a sense of suspense and mystery.  

First and foremost I was inspired by the hidden object game Phantasmat; which has a digital painting/ illustrative format. I also included references on the layering of digital painting technique. However seeing as Raising Dion was originally a comic, I definitely wanted the over all sequence to be laid out like a comic book, like that of the IZombie title sequence. 
Camera Direction
Since I wanted to push the After Effects camera for this project I came up with the idea of creating a larger composition that I would then position the videos and images and layer effects on top. I can then bring that composition into a standard 1920 x 1080 composition where I can move a camera around the larger composition.
This image is the layout of the larger composition with the possible content placement laid out and the black frames are the locations the camera would focus on as well as the order that section would appear. 
Digital Painting / Frame Test
Current Show Title Card
This project used video footage and stills taken directly from the show.

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