**2020 Covid-19 Takeover: I took a projection mapping class during the time SCAD stopped all on-ground classes. Therefore I was not able to actually project and capture my work in their intended locations.**    
Table Top
This was my first attempt at projection mapping. I had a white dress that I stuffed with trashbags and blankets and such. I wanted to project super colorful imagery, so I just played around with simple shapes in aftereffects and once I got bored, I found videos of mandalas and psychedelic patterns on youtube.  

Paneled Window Display
The location of this projection was at a general store window front on Whitaker St. in Savannah Georgia. 
I was inspired by light floors and the stereotypical idea of disco. I first created the light floor animation and then used various RED GIANT particular and form Plug ins to create the patterns that take over.   

Alys Beach Digital Graffiti Butteries
Location: Alys Beach, Florida 
After spending what seemed like the entire quarter "protesting" (not doing) live action in favor of doing more abstract work. This project was a collaboration with a friend of mine in film, Patrick Corcoran (link to come soon) gave me some of the footage he has shot from various projects he has directed. After cutting it together, I fit it into the mask the professor provided and added a filter to give the footage a nostalgic end of summer feel to it.
I wanted to create a second buttery, and challenge myself a little. I used the provided obj file, modified it in C4D and then brought it into After Effects through a RED GIANT Form plug in. I added some interest by using a simple animation. Overall, my classmates and I agreed it had a very Disney/ Tinker bell -esque quality to it. 
Multi-Projection Display  
Location: Montgomery Hall Dormitory Savannah, Georgia
I incorporated live video I shot of the colored oil moving on water, I used coconut oil and oil based food coloring. Thankfully where I was living, I had access to light tables, I put a big tupperware container on top and cut out the shape of it on a large piece of black paper, to block out the surrounding light. I brought the footage into Premiere to edit and color correct. I then cut the footage together based on what I thought looked the most interesting/dynamic. I decided to invert the white background while masking the color blobs to maintain their color. I wanted to use an upbeat and energetic audio and I come across Tobu - Colors to back the footage. After completing this, I realized I needed more, I came up with a word list of things that came to mind when I thought of the phrase "Art is". and I synced these answers with the beats in the audio. 

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