The Brief
Create a Typographic PSA for a nonprofit organization.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
For this project I decided to get into contact with a friend I went to high school with. I remembered she had her own nonprofit - Children's Alopecia Project (C.A.P.). I was inspired by her story; growing up with alopecia and how she grew to be the amazing and confident person she is despite having this immune disorder that makes her appear different. With all this in mind, I decided her story would be the best script for the project. The C.A.P. colors are black and red so that became my color palette. The selective coloring in the logo (C.A.P), being in red I decided to follow that pattern throughout the PSA, choosing important words like 'lost, changed, cap, alopecia, etc.' that would be colored red while the rest of the words would be black. 
I started playing around with animating the CAP Logo using frame by frame in Photoshop.
Background on Children's Alopecia Project
Founders: Madison and Jeff Woytovich
 - We have 50 Cap Kid support groups in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South Africa, and Hong Kong. 
 - We hold Cap kid Camps in Washington state, Colorado, Ohio, and North Carolina with a bigger game in California called Calipalooza and the biggest Camp, Alopeciapalooza in Maine 
 - The CAP2U speaking tour took cap to over 300 schools to tens of thousands of kids in the United States, Canada,     Mexico, England, France, and South Africa. 
- We hold CAP5k running events around the country with our largest one held in Boston attracting up to 600 participants.
Mission Statement: 
To help any child in need who is living with hair loss due to all forms of alopecia by building self esteem in children living with alopecia; Providing support for them and their families and raising awareness about the life - altering disease. 
Why do we need to raise awareness? 
Alopecia can be the cause of psychological stress, because hair loss can lead to significant changes in appearance, individuals with it may experience social phobia anxiety, and depression
What is Alopecia?
- Alopecia is believed to be an auto immune disease resulting from a breach in the immune privilege of the hair follicles.
- Commonly alopecia involves hair loss in one or more round spots on the scalp. 
- Hair may be lost more diffusely over the whole scalp, in which case the condition is called Diffused Alopecia Areata. 
- Alopecia Areata Monolocularis describes baldness in only one spot. it may occur any where on the head. 
- Alopecia Areata Multilocularis refers to multple areas of hair loss. 
- Ophiasis refers to hair loss in the shape of a wave at the circumference of the head. 
- The disease may be limited to the beard, called Alopecia Areata Barbae. 
- If the person loses all hair on the scalp its called Alopecia Areata Totalis. 
- If all hair on the body is lost, its called Alopecia Areata Universalis.
- Alopecia Areata Totalis and Universalis are rare. 

Mood Board
The whole idea of C.A.P is to raise awareness of the autoimmune disease, Alopecia. It's not about finding a cure for the disease. CAP's goal is that through hosting camps, speaking events, 5k's etc., they can build a community around children with Alopecia. This community is there to remind them that they don't need to have hair to be anything less than who they are.
While the nonprofit's abbr. is CAP, the goal is not to help put a 'cap' (hat) on every child with alopecia to cover up the disease. CAP = puting a 'cap'(end to) on a child's need to cover up the fact they don't have/ or are losing hair, because having hair is not synonymous with beauty.
- You are more, even if your hair is less. 
- Confidence, self esteem, support and awareness. 
- All money goes back into the events, camps and support groups. 
- It's about the child with the disease, not the disease itself. 
- Cap is a community
- Explain what Alopecia is.
- when is the next event?​​​​​​​
Script Idea #1
- Having hair does not equal beauty. 
- Being bald does not mean you are not beautiful. 
- How about you go a day without covering up your head?
- it's hard we know, but we will do it too. you aren't alone. 
- We are Children's Alopecia Project. 

Script Idea #2  -Chosen
- I lost my hair when I was five years old. 
- I was confused and finding out why, changed my life. 
- I have alopecia, an autoimmune disease that made me 
   lose all my hair. 
- My parents always gave me the choice to wear a cap on
   my head, but I never really wanted to. their 
   encouragement meant I never had to cover up who I am.
- And with their support we started the children's 
  alopecia project. because there are more kids like me. 
  and you are more, even if your hair is less. 
Type Study
Original Style Frames
Style Frames 2nd Attempt

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