The Brief
Create a visual interpretation of music, lyrics, or a poem using cinematography. This is a group project with: Preston Sullivan, Lindsay Kilbury, and Mandie Stanton. 
After going back and forth with a bunch of ideas including the use of one of Beethoven's symphonies, The use of Preston's dog, Molly, and going to a club/Party; We got inspired by the Indian holiday, Holi, and fun/Color runs and the use of colored powders thrown on white fabrics.  
The plan is to film everything in Preston's backyard. We will use a leaf blower and blow it in our faces in order to make crazy wind blown effect, and use slow motion to enhance it. We will incorporate liquids, powders and even food blown into our faces to add interest to the video. It will then be cut to the music.  
Set Up/ Timelapse
Family Photo

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